Courtney Love slams Bruce Springsteen: ‘Saxophones don’t belong in rock ‘n’ roll’

Courtney Love slams Bruce Springsteen: ‘Saxophones don’t belong in rock ‘n’ roll’ (via In the latest clip from her ongoing YouTube series, “Courtney Love On…”, the Hole frontwoman says Bruce Springsteen — whose E Street Band was inducted into… …read more Via:     

Literary icon Gabriel Garcia Marquez dead at 87

Colombia’s Nobel-winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez died Thursday in Mexico City at the age of 87, Mexican and Colombian media reported. Garcia Marquez, the author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” passed away at his home with his wife and two sons by his side,… …read more Via:     

Political Pluralism: How Government Can Support Conflicting Religious Beliefs

When World Vision USA announced three weeks ago that it would begin hiring Christians in same-sex marriages, the conservative reaction was strong and swift. Individual donors jammed the call center’s phone lines, and within two days, 10,000 poor children had lost their sponsors. The right-wing <a target=_blank rel="nofollow" …read more Via:     

Antitrust in the New Gilded Age

When two such media giants merge, the threat is extreme. If film-makers, television producers, directors, and news organizations have to rely on Comcast to get their content to the public, Comcast is able to exercise a stranglehold on what Americans see and hear. Is this good for consumers — for …read more Via:     

Obama Touts 8 Million Exchange Sign Ups

Now that the official open enrollment closed last month and the extended quasi-open period ended a few days ago President Obama held a rare press conference to tout the final numbers for Obamacare this year. The big number is 8 million people have selected a plan on the new …read more Via:     

Republicans Got 99 Problems, But Voter Fraud Ain't One

Originally posted on Your browser does not support iframes. Voting should not be a partisan issue, and yet Democratic leaders are the only politicians speaking out against the latest batch of voter suppression laws. So we ask, why don’t Republicans want you to vote? Hip-hop music has often been the conscious of our …read

Virginia High Court Rules Deniers Have No Right To Climate Scientists’ Emails

Two years ago, VA Circuit Judge Paul Sheridan ruled that the University of Virginia (UVA) doesn’t have to release the private emails of climate scientists like Michael Mann to the anti-science American Tradition Institute (ATI). Now, the Virginia Supreme Court has unanimously upheld Sheridan’s finding in favor of …read more Via:     

Surprise deal reached on #Ukraine crisis

The United States, European Union, Russia and Ukraine have reached agreement on immediate steps to be implemented to ease the crisis in Ukraine. …read more Via:     

After Dry Winter In California, Preparations Begin For Harsh Wildfire Season

National Forest Service crew members work to restore terrain that was bulldozed for a firebreak in the battle against Rim Fire near Tuolumne City, California in September, 2013 CREDIT: AP/Rich Pedroncelli It’s been a long, dry winter for California, with record-low snowpack and ideal wildfire conditions to show …read more Via:     

Rhode Island lawmakers considering legalizing limited amounts of marijuana for adults 21 and up

The Rhode Island state House is considering a bill in committee that would legalize limited amounts of cannabis for adults 21 as well as authorize state-regulated dispensaries to sell ganja to a… …read more Via:     

Arizona attorney to prosecute Shanesha Taylor for felony child abuse

An Arizona attorney announced Wednesday that he will not drop felony child abuse charges against an unemployed single mother who left her children in a car during a job interview after she couldn’t find childcare. People in Arizona and across the country have urged Maricopa County Sheriff Bill Montgomery to consider …read more Via:

Star-Spangled Baggage

By Ann Jones, TomDispatch Amid the barrage of coverage of Specialist Ivan Lopez’s shooting spree at Fort Hood, evidence that has been in plain sight for years of how the violence …read more Via:     

Edward Snowden Quizzes Vladimir Putin About Mass Surveillance in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a Q-and-A session Thursday to field questions from the public, joke about annexing Alaska (nope—it’s “too cold”) and answer Edward Snowden’s query about Russia’s surveillance practices. Related Entries April 15, 2014 Washington Fights Fire With Fire in Libya April 14, 2014 AFRICOM Goes …read more Via:     

Landmark Case Sees Pirate Bay User Hit With 5 Year Sentence

In a blaze of publicity mid December 2013 it was revealed that South Africa had netted its very first Internet pirate. SAFACT, the Southern African Federation Against Copyright Theft, said it had caught a man uploading a high-profile movie to The Pirate Bay. The case had unusual hallmarks from the start, …read more Via: