This Week in World War I, July 24-30, 1914

Serbian army on the Stava River, Belgrade The Die is Cast: The Eastern Front On July 25, two days after receiving an ultimatum from Austria, the Serbian government ordered a full mobilization of the Serbian army. On July 28, barely a month after the assassination of the Archduke and his wife, the …read more Via:

Tennessee woman pulls gun in Walmart parking lot when asked to drive slower

A woman in Rutherford County, Tennessee was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly brandished a gun at a man who told her to stop speeding through a Walmart parking lot. Murfreesboro’s WGNS radio reported that 37-year-old Angela Scruggs was charged with aggravated assault for reportedly… …read more Via:     

The Gaza War

In the 1967 classic movie “The Battle of Algiers,” a leader of the National Liberation Front (NLF), Ben M’Hidi, is brought before a group of French journalists. One of the journalists asks M’Hidi: “Don’t you think it is a bit cowardly to use women’s handbags and baskets to carry explosive devices …read more Via:     

Oil By Safer Trains? By Trucks? Better Yet, Divest

Can the US make oil trains safer or is that missing the point? Just a few weeks ago, the public learned that Warren Buffett’s BNSF Railway had states sign confidentiality agreements “or otherwise pledged not to release [specific] information” about the millions of gallons of volatile crude oil rolling by …read more Via:     

Wind share of electricity will more than double by 2018

Wind power now supplies about 3% of the world’s electricity, and the signs are good for the next several years. …read more Via:     

More efficient, durable solar cells are possible thanks to glass

Self-cooling, longer lasting and more efficient solar cells are within reach simply by adding a thin layer of glass. …read more Via:     

Israel And The Art Of War, Spin And Slaughter

The real story about the destruction of Gaza by Israel, and the targetting of civilians, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure must be told. Michael Brull explains. …read more Via:     

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalizing Personal Drug Use

The World Health Organization came out publicly, if quietly, in support of the decriminalization of personal drug use in a report released last week. The 159-page report, which focused primarily on HIV prevention and care worldwide, included a brief section discussing “good practice recommendations concerning decriminalization.” In it, WHO …read more Via:     

Thomas Piketty - J'Accuse

If you have read ‘Capital in the 21st Century’, Thomas Piketty’s acclaimed work, you may well be able to confirm that: (a) Piketty regards the ‘natural or spontaneous’ tendency of capitalism is for the rich to get richer proportionately as well as absolutely; (b) that he thinks that this tendency can be, …read more Via:

U.S. judge knocks down Colorado’s gay marriage ban, stays ruling

A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that Colorado’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, but temporarily stayed his ruling until the issue is decided by a higher court. U.S. District Judge Raymond Moore found in favor of a lawsuit challenging the state’s 2006 constitutional… …read more Via:     

Hidden History Helped End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

A reporter covering recent LGBT strides toward equality recently asked me, “Are you surprised at how fast things are moving?” When I replied that I think they’re actually moving pretty slowly, he looked at me quizzically. After all, the past four years have been one victory after another, celebrating marriages …read more Via:     

New Blueprint for US Workplace: Ellen Bravo on the Fight for Paid Family Leave

Ellen Bravo Too many Americans are going to work sick or unable to take time to care for a family member. Ellen Bravo explains how we can change that. When American workers finally get paid family leave, it’s no exaggeration to say that they’ll have Ellen Bravo to thank. Bravo, director of …read more Via:

Nominate a real lefty for the Walkley journalism awards

The Walkley journalism awards are coming up and they have called for the following (among their other categories). The Walkley Foundation also invites nominations for two of the awards: Outstanding Contribution to Journalism (chosen by the Walkley Trustees): Recognises the achievements of a person or group for outstanding or enduring commitment …read more Via:

Rich rats hijacked our democracy

As the wealthy elite and corporations are profiting off of their investments in Washington, the rest of us are living in a very different America than we had just a generation ago. It’s now an America that, despite its great wealth, looks more and more like a third-world country each …read more Via: