You are the worst person I’ve ever interviewed

You are the worst person I’ve ever interviewed

Alex Jones makes a complete fool of himself – again – on international television. Presenter Andrew Neil described him as “the worst person” that he had ever interviewed. He just might be the greatest actor though…

Noam Chomsky 3 Hour Discussion on CSPAN

Full 3 Hour Discussion with Noam Chomsky

Alex Jones Analyses Film Without Watching It, Calls Angelina Jolie A World Government Front Lady

From the man who cannot even tell you the truth about toothpaste at his local store, an analysis of the new film World War Z. All Alex did was watch the trailer, but that should be enough to review a film right? LOL Alex… Yes, Hollywood glorifies war. Yes, it has a negative impact on

Jesse Ventura Doesn’t Know About Benghazi, IRS, AP; Says Alex Jones is ‘Entertainment’

By The David Pakman Show –Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura joins David to discuss politics, conspiracy theories, whether the IRS, AP, and Benghazi so-called ‘scandals’ are actually scandals, and much more, including his upcoming book They Killed Our President: 63 Facts That Prove a Conspiracy to Kill JFK. –On the Bonus Show: Judge tells Google

Calls people lazy, relies on bounty to capture Han Solo



Gina The Hutt Rinehart. I don’t like you, da girl don’t like you, nooooooooobbbbboooody likes you.

Alex Jones Challenges Bill O’Reilly To Pay Per View Boxing Match

Conspiratard Alex Jones is furious with Foxtard Bill O’Reilly after he was labelled by The O’Reilly Factor as an angry red demon. Proving O’Reilly’s point for him, Alex was so angry he challenged Bill O’Reilly to a pay-per-view boxing match. This is not the first time Alex Jones has challenged people to fights, he’s appealing to

Trouble In Libertardia: Mike Rivero Does Not Support Adam Kokesh’s Armed DC March

LOL – Even some libertards can see Adam Kokesh’s armed march is a really fucking bad idea!

Alex Jones – People falling in fountains rant

Yeah Alex, we are all just walking around like zombies falling off cliffs and into fountains LMFAO!!!! Maybe he thinks that because his listeners are zombies?

Idiotic Truth Seeker Spews Hate At David Pakman

LOL… Truth seeker hates on David Pakman. If you come across a person that calls themselves a “truth seekers”, what you have found is a member of a group of people who between them, fall for every single conspiracy theory on the net – not just the right wing ones, but every single nutty theory

Conspiratard Mark Dice walks around large refrigerated storage facility for 53 seconds, adds spooky music and says nothing

Insert conspiratard headline here: MARK DICE DISCOVERS FOOD EN ROUTE TO HOLLOW EARTH ILLUMINATI BASECAMP LMFAO – Alex Jones wannabe Mark Dice walks around large refrigerated storage facility for 53 seconds – adds spooky music – says nothing about it in this video or the next two videos he uploaded to Youtube! Building suspense and

Right Wing Fog Of War

Anti-Joe Hockey Spray

  PS – In Australia, the Liberal Party are like the right-wing party.

Reply to conservatard complaints

By Eddy James. I put out a blog post and 1000 libertarians/conservatives want to debate me. I don’t have time for it, I really don’t. I am just blogging. Nobody is paying me for this. I am not the Sam Seder Majority Report radio show where you get to call in and debate him every

Stefan Molyneux: I hate the state but I love Thatcher

They tell you they are not conservatives, they tell you they don’t support Thatcher, but they all run to defend her. He likes to talk about dictators but somehow forgot to explain how Milton Friedman helped Pinochet and how Thatcher was the fascist dictators friend! Stefan, you are insane.