Is Alex Jones Racist? Is The Pope Catholic?

Is Alex Jones Racist? Is The Pope Catholic?

MSNBC recently called Alex Jones deeply racist. In the video below, Alex is attempting to counter the allegation: White supremacists understand we now live in a global and multicultural world. So they hide behind immigration and other issues. In this instance, Alex wraps his racism in a crazy conspiracy. Alex Jones Show, 24th of March

Alex Jones & His Neo-Con Buddies

Millions of Alex Jones fans are sucked in by his deceptive rants. Alex and the rest of the far right wing liars will claim they are not right wing, they will claim they do not support Republicans, but in this video Alex defends and supports not one, but two neo-con Republicans. Before we even get

Infowhores: Black People Don’t Have Honor

Infowhores is now claiming that black people have no honor. Alex uses the same trick as Fox News and the rest of the right wing news squad – Roll out a sellout black man to preach all your black hate for you! Then Alex can say – he said it, not me!!! I only had

Cancer Man Says U.S. Must Capture Snowden


Cancer Man tells Fox News Snowden must be captured.

The Smoking Man (sometimes referred to as Cancer Man, the Cigarette-Smoking Man, CSM or C-Man) is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Fox science fiction television series The X-Files. He serves as the arch-nemesis of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, as well as being revealed to be Mulder’s biological father.[citation needed] Although his name is revealed to purportedly be C.G.B. Spender in the show’s sixth season, fans continue to refer to him as the Smoking Man because he is almost always seen chain-smoking Morley cigarettes and because he, like other series villains, has multiple aliases.

Although he utters only four audible words in the entire first season of the show, the Smoking Man eventually develops into the series’ primary antagonist. In his early appearances, he is seen in the offices of Division Chief Scott Blevins and Assistant Director Walter Skinner, Mulder and his partner Dana Scully’s supervisors. A powerful man working for the powers that be, he is a key member in a government conspiracy only known as the Syndicate, who are hiding the truth of alien existence and their plan to colonize Earth. His power and influence remained strong, even after most of the Syndicate was destroyed.

The Smoking Man is portrayed by Canadian actor William B. Davis. When Davis first received the role, the character was written as “just another” extra for the pilot episode. He eventually returned for small cameo appearances during the first season, making increasingly more appearances in the seasons that followed. Davis never received an award for his portrayal alone, but he was nominated for ensemble awards.

Aldous Huxley Speaks To BBC On NSA Spy Program


Huxley reminds us what he told us all those years ago.

Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family. Best known for his novels including Brave New World and a wide-ranging output of essays, Huxley also edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published short stories, poetry, travel writing, film stories and scripts. He spent the later part of his life in the United States, living in Los Angeles from 1937 until his death.

Huxley was a humanist, pacifist, and satirist. He later became interested in spiritual subjects such as parapsychology and philosophical mysticism, in particular Vivekanda’s Neo-Vedanta and Universalism. He is also well known for his use of psychedelic drugs.

By the end of his life Huxley was widely acknowledged as one of the pre-eminent intellectuals of his time.

The Microsoft Privacy Policy Has Changed


When I posted this one around Facebook, conspiratards thought it was real! LOL man, you would have to be a really stupid motherfucker to think MS wrote this.

Agent Smith Occupy Intel


Hmmm, do you trust this guy?

Agent Smith is a fictional character in The Matrix franchise. He is portrayed by Hugo Weaving in the films and voiced by Christopher Corey Smith in The Matrix: Path of Neo.

In 2008, Agent Smith was selected by Empire Magazine as the 84th Greatest Movie Character of All Time. In 2013, Weaving reprised the role for a General Electric advertisement.

T1000: America Needs More Drones


A T1000 would say that!

The T-1000 is a fictional robotic assassin and the main antagonist in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Created by the series main antagonist Skynet, the T-1000 is a shapeshifter whose body is composed of a mimetic poly-alloy (liquid metal) body that allows it to assume the form of other objects or people of equal mass.

The T-1000 is portrayed primarily by Robert Patrick; however, being a shapeshifter, the T-1000 is played by other actors in some scenes of the film. In Terminator 2, the T-1000 is presented as a technological leap over the “800 Series” Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Described by Allmovie as “one of the most memorable roles in one of the most memorable films of the decade”, Patrick’s portrayal of the T-1000 earned him nominations for Best Villain and Best Supporting Actor at the 1992 MTV and Saturn Awards and was ranked #39 in the Online Film Critics Society’s “Top 100 Villains of All Time” in 2002, and #29 on Wizard magazine’s “Top 100 Greatest Villains Ever” list.

General Zod Interviewed On Obama Birth Certificate


ZOD will stoop to any low for the power to rule!

General Zod is a fictional character, a super-villain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics, and is one of Superman‘s more prominent enemies. The character, who first appeared in Adventure Comics #283 (April 1961), was created by Robert Bernstein and initially designed by George Papp. Zod is a warlord from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. As a Kryptonian, he exhibits the same powers and abilities as Superman, and is viewed as one of his greatest enemies.

In the motion pictures Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980), Zod is portrayed by British actor Terence Stamp; the character is the principal villain in the latter film. Total Film ranked Stamp’s version of Zod as #32 on their “Top 50 Greatest Villains Of All Time” list in 2007. Pop-culture website ranked General Zod as #30 on their list of the “Top 100 Comic Book Villains”, asserting that “Stamp is Zod” (emphasis in original).

Darth Vader On Iran Options


The warmongerer is back!

Darth Vader is the central character of the Star Wars saga, appearing as one of the main antagonists of the original trilogy and as one of the main protagonists of the prequel trilogy.

The character was created by George Lucas and numerous actors have portrayed him. His appearances span all six Star Wars films, and he is an important character in the expanded universe of television series, video games, novels, literature and comic books. The films establish that he was originally a Jedi who was part depicted in the prophecy of being the Chosen One by restoring balance to the Force but fell to the dark side of the Force; he is also the father of both Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, the two main protagonists of the original trilogy.

Darth Sidious: High Minimum Wage Destroys Jobs


Darth Sidious sure seems to be a conservative!

Palpatine is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Star Wars saga.

In the original trilogy, he appears as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire where he is an aged, pale-faced figure who is clad in dark robes. He oversees the Galactic Civil War‘s final stages between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, in which he is ultimately defeated and killed.

In the prequel trilogy, he is a middle-aged politician of the Galactic Republic who rises to power through deception and treachery. As the Senator from Naboo and then the Chancellor of the Republic, he outwardly behaves like a well-intentioned public servant and supporter of democracy. But underneath his affable public persona is his true identity of Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith. As both personas, he sets into motion a series of events—including the Clone Wars—which ultimately destroy the Jedi and the Republic, allowing him to convert the Republic into a brutal totalitarian regime.

Since the initial theatrical run of Star Wars, he has become a symbol of evil and sinister deception in popular culture.

Sensei John Kreese Speaks To Fox On Immigration


This bully is such a meanie!

Sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) The main antagonist of the original trilogy. Kreese is an ex-Special Forces Vietnam Veteran. It becomes clear in The Karate Kid Part II that Kreese is racist toward Asians (judging by when he calls Miyagi a slope in the movie). In the first film, Kreese instructs his students to be merciless towards their enemies and by ordering his students to use illegal strikes at the tournament to disable their opponents. In the second film, after his best student, Johnny Lawrence lost to Daniel in the “All Valley Karate Tournament”, Kreese violently proves himself as a sadistic sore loser (which is later stopped by Mr. Miyagi in a humorous way), and all the students depart from the Cobra Kai dojo. During the events of the third film, Kreese plots revenge against Daniel and Miyagi for the loss of his dojo and students. With nowhere to go, Kreese visits his Vietnam War buddy Terry Silver. After listening to Kreese’s story, Silver decides to help him out by harassing Daniel and Miyagi and even hiring Mike Barnes to defeat Daniel in the All Valley Tournament. Kreese was named one of the most vile movie villains by SocialTechPop.

In the 2010 remake, a character named Master Li mirrors Kreese in that he teaches his students an unethical form of Kung Fu, and orders his students to use cheap shots in the tournament during the film’s climax.

FOX Criminal Mastermind Revealed!

hal system

Turns out it’s HAL 9000!

HAL 9000 is a fictional character in Arthur C. Clarke‘s Space Odyssey series. The primary antagonist of 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL is an artificial intelligence that controls the systems of the Discovery One spacecraft and interacts with the ship’s astronaut crew. Being a computer, HAL has no distinct physical form, though is visually represented as a red television camera eye located on equipment panels throughout the ship.

HAL 9000 is voiced by Douglas Rain in the two film adaptations of the Space Odyssey series. HAL speaks in a soft, calm voice and a conversational manner, in contrast to the crewmen, David Bowman and Frank Poole, who speak tersely and with little emotional inflection.

HAL became operational on 12 January 1997 at the HAL Laboratories in Urbana, Illinois as production number 3; in the film 2001, the activation year was 1992 and 1991 in earlier screenplays. In addition to maintaining the Discovery One spacecraft systems during the interplanetary mission to Jupiter (or Saturn in the original novel, published shortly after the release of the film), HAL is capable of speechspeech recognitionfacial recognitionnatural language processinglip readingart appreciation, interpreting and reproducing emotional behaviours, reasoning, and playing chess.

HAL is listed as the 13th-greatest film villain in the AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes and Villains. In the French-language version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL’s name is CARLCerveau Analytique de Recherche et de Liaison (Analytic Brain for Research and Communication), however, the television camera eye plates still read “HAL 9000″.

George Orwell On BBC

bbc news-orwell

Orwell returns to the BBC! Click Image for full size.

Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950), known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist and journalist. His work is marked by clarity, intelligence and wit, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism, and commitment to democratic socialism.

Considered perhaps the 20th century’s best chronicler of English culture, Orwell wrote literary criticism, poetry, fiction and polemical journalism. He is best known for the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) and the allegorical novella Animal Farm (1945), which together have sold more copies than any two books by any other 20th-century author. His book Homage to Catalonia (1938), an account of his experiences in the Spanish Civil War, is widely acclaimed, as are his numerous essays on politics, literature, language and culture. In 2008, The Times ranked him second on a list of “The 50 greatest British writers since 1945″.

Orwell’s work continues to influence popular and political culture, and the term Orwellian — descriptive of totalitarian or authoritarian social practices — has entered the language together with several of his neologisms, including Cold WarBig Brotherthought policedoublethink, and thought-crime.