Alex Jones Challenges Bill O’Reilly To Pay Per View Boxing Match

Conspiratard Alex Jones is furious with Foxtard Bill O’Reilly after he was labelled by The O’Reilly Factor as an angry red demon.


Proving O’Reilly’s point for him, Alex was so angry he challenged Bill O’Reilly to a pay-per-view boxing match. This is not the first time Alex Jones has challenged people to fights, he’s appealing to his cowboy wannabe audience. But this time Alex may have bitten off more than he can chew with his big fat mouth. Alex is in terrible shape and is 178cm tall. Bill is in great shape and comes in at 193cm tall. My money is on Bill to knock Alex the fuck out.

At 07:38:

And now Bill O’Reilly has come out and said it’s time to shut down hate speech in America, and then played a clip of me completely out of context.

Out of context. That is the Alex Jones magic silver bullet. I have heard this man claim 1000x that he or one of his lunatic guests were taken out of context when it was verbatim and completely within context… but continuing…

This is a guy who put caller ID on his radio show that was unpopular and failed, and if someone disagreed with him? He’s such a bully punk!

Oh boy. It doesn’t get more hypocritical that this. I dare ANYONE to call in the Infowhores show and challenge Alex Jones on any issue. He will go into angry red demon rants and mute you. He will keep you on as long as you hold the phone, but he will be yelling ‘you’re a punk’ the whole time so you won’t actually be able to debate him in any meaningful way. Alex does not want to lose a debate in front of his audience and he knows that based on facts he loses, so he goes into angry red demon mode and makes it emotional instead of factual. Once he takes it to emotional screaming matches, then there is no real debate.

I’d like to get into a boxing ring with Bill O’Reilly… Bill O’Reilly, I challenge you to a pay-per-view boxing match, you think you’re so tough? Your dad was a tough Irish cop, beat you up you say? Well come on, you’re a lot bigger than me, let’s get in the ring buddy, in fact you can bring one of your buddies, coz I can only wake up when there’s two people to fight. You and whoever you want in the ring let’s go punk, alright? You think you’re so tough, you try to intimidate your guests, you get in their face, you turn their mic off, you get in their face and poke your finger in their face you big fat bully!

Alex Jones is such an angry egomaniac he thinks he can beat up Bill O’Reilly + one of his friends. As for his analysis of O’Reilly’s manners, Alex Jones has just described exactly how he himself handles debates and critical phone calls. It is standard right wing media operating procedure.

You’re scared to have me on your show, of course you’d get like 10 million viewers, you normally have about 2 millions, let’s pull up his latest ratings, they’ve dropped a lot. Sure, you’re coming down fast but your’re miles above MSNBC and CNN, but still, you’re jealous, your radio show failed, you’re a failure, I’ll get into this, the reason he makes me so mad and you know I don’t attack other people in media until they attack me and lie about me, and he gets up there and agrees we should shut down hate speech, which is anybody criticizing the corrupt media and government.

Alex Jones is forever painting a picture that he is demonized and attacked simply because he criticizes corrupt government and media. This drives his fans and gullible newcomers to support him and hang on his every word. After telling his audience a millions times that government and media is pure evil, Alex plants the view that If the big bad government and media is going after Alex, then Alex must be the good guy wearing the white hat.

Alex is on the record stating the government wants to exterminate most Americans and repopulate with Mexicans. Alex has said some really crazy things. His team member Mike Adams from called for unemployed people to lose the right to vote. These people are right wing assholes pretending to fight for truth, justice and the American way. Unfortunately there are a lot of gullible people.

Both Bill and Alex give me the shits. I wouldn’t care who won the fight, but I’d love to watch it ;)

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