Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter: fighter for justice

Hurricane Carter, boxer turned campaigner By Will Campbell of the Canadian Press Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, the former American boxer who became a global champion for the wrongfully convicted after spending almost 20 years in prison for a triple murder he didn’t commit, died at his home in Toronto on Sunday. He was …read more Via:

Students defy SC lawmakers, snap up tickets to college’s lesbian-themed musical

Students at a South Carolina public university are snapping up tickets to the musical “Fun Home” after state lawmakers approved a proposed cut in school funding over the critically acclaimed lesbian memoir on which the musical is based. Outraged over the proposed budget cut for the… …read more Via:     

Researchers use Twitter to predict crime, but not yet sure whether this will reduce crime

Hidden in the Twittersphere are nuggets of information that could prove useful to crime fighters — even before a crime has been committed. Researchers at the University of Virginia demonstrated tweets could predict certain kinds of crimes if the correct analysis is applied. A research paper… …read more Via:     

Google: Pioneering Residential Energy Efficiency

By Nathan Venos It’s time for America to get smart on residential energy use. The sector accounts for approximately 17 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, making it crucial to the United States’ efforts to preserve energy resources and curb climate change. And the impacts could be enormous; …read more Via:     

Strange timing to suggest a LEGO nuclear future for Australia

By 2022, Australia could have many “Lego-like” small nuclear reactors in operation, dotted about the nation, reports Noel Wauchope. read now… …read more Via:     

Solar Professionals Now Eligible For RISE Certification Program

By Douglas Elbinger, Energy Systems Analyst, To accommodate the increasing number of solar professionals and maintain a system of quality assurance throughout the industry, John Schehl, Executive Director of Roof Integrated Solar Energy™ (RISE), has announced a new eligibility track for its ‘Certified Solar Roofing Professional™’ (CSRP) designation, which …read more Via:     

I’ve never been right about such things…but don’t let that stop me

Bobo (photo: RubyGoes) Is there ever a better day to question another person’s “manhood” than Easter? Especially when “manhood” is associated with “ready to tell others to lob bombs around on your behalf?” Maybe when it is on the Anniversary of the Tonkin Gulf resolution? Or just over a decade when you …read more Via:

Department Of Energy Releases Strategic Plan With Priority On Vehicle Efficiency

Originally published on Gas2. Earlier this week the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released its comprehensive, Strategic Plan 2014. The Plan provides a roadmap for the DOE’s work over the next four years and highlights its major priorities. “Following this roadmap, the Department will continue building a cleaner …read more Via:     

Christianity, Guilty as Charged!

Motto: verse from Colossians 3:22: “Slaves, obey your masters.” It is Easter and I am mourning for all those hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, who were forced to ‘die for Jesus’… They vanished so the Christian dogma of some crucified man from Nazareth, could be lubricated and substantiated with red oceans …read more Via:

UK Police Force Shutdown of Sports Torrent Network

After obtaining government funding to protect the rights of mainstream music and movie companies, last year UK police began a campaign aimed at closing dozens of torrent and other file-sharing sites. Many sites subsequently reported receiving letters from PIPCU, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, warning that their operations had been …read more Via:

Economic Imperialism and the One Word You Can’t Say

One reason the United States and the West aren’t particularly interested in defending their neoliberal policies is because by the time their effects are felt in a particular location, the world and its five-minute attention span has already moved on. Once the glamour of violence simmers down, the appetites of …read more Via:     

The Rhetoric of Violence

By Chris Hedges The rage and nihilism that come from the frustrations of American life are expressed through violence. Our armed vigilantes and renegade gunmen are symptoms of a nation …read more Via:     

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week – 04/21/14

This week we have four newcomers in our chart. Son of Batman is the most downloaded movie this week. The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are BD/DVDrips unless stated otherwise. RSS feed for …read more Via:

Knowledge Is Crime

By Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch There is but one crime for which anyone in America’s national security state can be held accountable in a court of law, and that’s leaking information that …read more Via: