Is Rula Jebreal Right About U.S. Media Bias Against Palestinians?

By Juan Cole Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal points to the overwhelming bias in U.S. media against the Palestinians, calling NBC to account for having tried to remove an Arab-American reporter …read more Via:     

Dodd-Frank Still Not Fully Implemented Four Years Later

Gerald Epstein says that a fully-implemented Dodd-Frank act does not require a breaking up of the big banks, which is needed to prevent another financial crisis …read more Via:     

Tony Blair was right about some things, however uncomfortable that makes you feel

Tweet In trashing the legacy of Tony Blair you are essentially sticking two fingers up at the electorate I think it’s rather optimistic to write, as Conor Pope did …read more Via:     

The Comforts of Blame

Investigations tend to be called upon to do just that. Causes are identified; actors are located. The investigation being demanded by all countries that lost citizens on Malaysian flight MH17 in Ukraine was a perfectly logical, and legal demand. The language of pre-emption, however, was never far away, …read more Via:     

Idaho tribe cancels Ted Nugent casino concert over rocker’s racist comments

A Native American tribe called off a scheduled performance by Ted Nugent over concerns about the rocker’s history of racist and hateful statements. Nugent had been slated to perform Aug. 4 at the Couer D’Alene Casino in Worley, Idaho, until the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch called Monday… …read more Via:     

Gazan activist: ‘We will never surrender, but we need your support’

Tue, 22/07/2014 …read more Via:     

The Tampa moment

Without another Tampa moment, Tory rule is looking bleak, says Gee. read now… …read more Via:     

Israeli Crimes and World Hypocrisy

With Israeli terror continuing to be unleashed on the Gaza Strip, it might be interesting to look at the world’s reaction, or lack thereof. First, let’s establish context. Israel was formed by the ethnic cleansing of over 750,000 Palestinians, driven from their homes with no recompenses, to refugee camps. Israel took …read more Via:

What Is the Doha Round and How Many Livelihoods Hang in the Balance? (1/3)

Faizel Ismail: Eminent World Trade Organization negotiator opens our series on the global value chain approach to trade with some historic context and a firsthand account of negotiating the WTO Doha Development Agenda …read more Via:     

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 debris supports missile theory

Hole patterns on debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 downed over eastern Ukraine last week indicate it was hit by a surface-to-air missile, experts told the Washington Post Monday. …read more Via:     

Even Government Agencies Play The 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' Game, And Here's Proof

Talk about awkward tweets: On Monday night, July 21, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water accidentally tweeted an auto-generated tweet from Kim Kardashian’s new game, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.” That’s right — in between tweets about clean water and toxic algae nestled a tweet that proved whomever …read more Via:     

Six Android Piracy Group Members Charged, Two Arrested

Assisted by police in France and the Netherlands, in the summer of 2012 the FBI took down three unauthorized Android app stores. Appbucket, Applanet and SnappzMarket all had their domains seized, the first action of its type in the Android scene. For two years the United States Department of Justice …read more Via:     

Part of an organisation? Pledge to Boycott Workfare now!

Already nearly 400 voluntary sector organisations have pledged to Keep Volunteering Voluntary and over 20 councils have pledged to avoid workfare too. From Boycott Workfare: The government continues to try and push workfare with numerous work for benefits schemes in spite of a groundswell of opposition across the UK. Already nearly …read more Via:

DOJ Trains AUSAs to Chase Mice While Lions Roam the Campsite

Holder made Wagner DOJ’s leader on mortgage fraud because Wagner was so willing to propagate the single most absurd, destructive, but so very useful (to the administration and the banksters) lie about mortgage fraud. …read more Via: