Vermont Law Makes It Official: GMO Food Must Be Labeled

(Image: is being hailed as a national leader following its passage of a law requiring foods that contain genetically-modified food to be labeled, the first “no-strings-attached” legislation passed in the United States. …read more Via:     

Remembering the tragedy of Rana Plaza

A year ago the world learnt of the horror of the deaths of clothing workers in Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi government recorded 1,100 deaths, and 2,500 people were rescued. Dangerous buildings collapsed, fire escapes were locked, there was no safety procedure and the survivors lost their jobs and …read more Via:

Listening In on Putin: Biden and the Ukraine

NSA Intercept X19/Alpha Bravo, 26APR2014, 23:12ZULU COMSEC NOFORN DO NOT/NOT RELEASE TO EDWARD SNOWDEN NOTE: IF A GUY CALLS AND SAYS HE’S “BILL” SNOWDEN, IT’S EDWARD AND DO NOT/NOT RELEASE Access Code: pa$$word (NSA sends excerpt intercept below, between Russian Vladimir Putin and unnamed aide) PUTIN: I’m devastated. What should we do? AIDE: Sire? PUTIN:

Grant Shapps: The Movie

Join @grantshapps @nickdebois and now @RebeccaHarrisMP this Saturday in Enfield! Sign up: — Tory Chairman (@ToryChairman) April 24, 2014 In keeping with the action movie production, presumably “Stinking Rich” Shapps will be arriving in one of his two planes. …read more Via:     

Why £9,000 tuition fees have been a moral and economic disaster

Tweet The evidence is mounting that the argument for £9,000 tuition fees has failed – both morally and economically, argues James Bloodworth Tuition fees were the Liberal Democrats’ Iraq, minus …read more Via:     

Tesla Factory Could Be Up In China Within 3 To 4 Years

Originally published on Gas2. With sales of the Tesla Model S poised to begin in China, Elon Musk again raised the idea of building EVs in the Peoples Republic, and soon. According to Musk, the Chinese Tesla factory could be up and running within the next three …read more Via:     

" rel="bookmark">Saeed Haqiqi: "There is a fear in the air of 2014"

Saeed Haqiqi is a journalist and writer from Herat. Photo : Armanshahr/OPEN ASIA / Matthieu Hackière What are the important achievements in Afghanistan today? The best development has been the growth of a democratic political atmosphere. We now have the elections, human rights laws and standards, democratic structures, civil society and institutions …read more Via:

Net Neutrality Edges Towards Death

The FCC appears to be about ready to throw in the towel and let the telcom monopolies sell speed to different sites ending any hope for the regulatory concept known as “Net Neutrality.” Soon firms that pay extra will have their content available faster and the principle that all content …read more Via:     

BMW Boosting Production Of The i3 To Keep Up With Strong Demand

Originally published on EV Obsession. BMW is raising production of the i3 up from 70 vehicles a day to 100 at its factory in Leipzig in order to keep up with growing demand, according to recent reports. The production boost — which was revealed in a press release from …read more Via:     

Louisiana Senate To Consider Equal Pay Proposal

By LAUREN LANGLOIS, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A bill that would prohibit private businesses in Louisiana from unintentionally paying women less than men for doing the same job will pass to the full Senate after receiving a committee’s support Wednesday. The measure by Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, D-New …read more Via:

Peter Van Buren, I'm a Whistleblower: Want Fries with That?

Today, a personal odyssey in minimum-wage America. After State Department whistleblower and TomDispatch regular Peter Van Buren found himself out of a job and, for months without a pension while his former government employer went after him, he entered the big-box-store minimum-wage economy. From that world he brings …read more Via:     

Bird flu detected at California quail farm near San Francisco

(Reuters) – Low-pathogenic avian influenza, a disease known as bird flu, has been detected on a California quail farm earlier this month, and Russia has announced a ban on California poultry imports due to the ailment’s outbreak in the state. Birds have been euthanized and the farm in… …read more Via:     

Night of the Generals: When Brazilians Were Tortured and Disappeared

For 20 years following the 1964 military coup many Brazilians suffered under atrocities. Today, the nation is going through a struggle to come to terms with that period under the slogan Nunca Mais, Never Again. …read more Via:     

Explosion At Natural Gas Plant Forces Evacuation Of Wyoming Town

CREDIT: Screenshot/Fox-13 News An explosion and fire at a natural gas processing plant in southwestern Wyoming on Wednesday forced the evacuation of the small town of Opal about 100 miles northeast of Salt Lake City. No one was injured in the incident at a facility run by Williams Partners …read more Via: